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Apartment Mystery Shopping for Property Management

In a blog from Buildium, What is Great Customer Service in Property Management?

There’s mounting evidence that putting your time, money, and resources into customer service is key to growing a sustainable business in this competitive industry. Example, a seamless showing experience will help continue to make a great first impression and attract high-quality residents.


The Jancyn Difference

At Jancyn, we know that apartment mystery shoppers must possess a different skill set than those used in other industries.  Performance evaluation shops are one-on-one and take considerable time. It is important for an assessor to remain credible and on task. Jancyn assessors are independent contractors who are specifically trained in the leasing experience and know what to expect. We understand they must present themselves as ideal rental candidates to remove any barriers that could interfere with an objective and fair evaluation of the leasing consultant’s skills. Our research indicates a potential resident often makes a ‘buying’ decision based on the initial experience he or she receives upon meeting your leasing consultant. This person is the gateway to their new home.

Are your employees providing a welcoming initial greeting, qualifying, demonstrating your product and asking fact-finding questions to personalize the experience? Is every potential resident who calls or enters your door being meet with the same successful sales techniques that allow your company to stand out above the competition? By partnering with Jancyn, you will see your business from your potential resident’s point of view. We call it our “insight from the outside.” Using our Performance Evaluation surveys, you will be able to gauge the effectiveness of your leasing agents. Are they responsive to inquiries (whether phone or Internet)? Are they prompt for appointments and showings? Do they demonstrate, and sell, the features and benefits of your community? Are they adhering to fair housing regulations? Do they follow up? Your best properties may remain vacant unless your leasing consultant is providing solid customer service. You can’t fix what you don’t know. Mystery shoppers do thorough evaluations and give you the feedback you need to improve training, which leads to higher occupancy, which leads to a profitable bottom line. You get the results you need to make the best decisions you need to make.

Troubling Turnovers

Leasing is really no different than other types of service businesses: keeping tenants is less expensive and more profitable than finding new ones. Happy tenants stay put. Many property management companies fail to focus on tenant satisfaction, concentrating only on filling vacancies. Jancyn’s Resident Retention Surveys are invaluable tools to measure tenant satisfaction. Any occupancy caused by dissatisfaction quickly cuts into your profitability. You get the input you need regarding both the management and the property itself. With this information, you can take steps to improve deficiencies or leverage what’s working to maintain tenants and attract prospects.

Speed, Efficiency and Accuracy!

Speed and efficiency are both critical to getting the information you need in order to make improvements. With Jancyn as your partner, shop reports are typically completed within 7-10 days. Video shops take longer. Plus you’ll be able to access statistical data 24 hours-a-day, seven days-a-week using our advanced technology to track, organize, and store your data. Our reporting software enables you to view information quickly and accurately, and can be customized to match your specific needs. The speed, availability, and ease-of-use in reviewing and reporting gives you the control you need to positively impact your bottom line on your time frame. At Jancyn, we know that getting reports to you quickly is useless, unless those reports are accurate. We author shopper instructions and forms to reflect your standards on what is most important to your business. That focuses the visits on evaluating and reporting on those areas that are key to your success.


Contact us today to find out how we can provide you the information to increase your occupancy rates to improve your profitability.