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Insight from the Outside…Satisfaction Means Profitability

Sign-Up-for-Newsletter Shoppers: sign up for our newsletter to receive useful tips and advice about your assignments as a mystery shopper. They may include tips on how to take photos or videos to document your experience, or how to complete successful reports, manager your time and shop routes. While you usually shop at a physical location, you will gain insight about other assignments like Telephone and Internet online shops.

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Businesses: Get more information about our services targeted around your customers – in person, over the phone, or through the web. Whether you are providing basic customer service, or it is your competitive advantage, get tips on the customer experience you expect. We offer information you need to make sure your operations are on target. Get insights into buying habits, affected by many variables from location, to your offer, to how customers are treated. The Jancyn newsletter is a must read.

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