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Retail Mystery Shops

Are your ready to navigate opening stores after the Covid-19?

Operation Open Doors – Path to Reopen Retail, led by National Retail Federation and Seyfarth LLP, is providing guidance and tools that Retailers can use as they navigate opening stores after the Covid-19 health crisis. Areas for guidance on gradual re-openings include logistics, social distancing and safety issues, and how to bring employees back to the workforce.

Jancyn recommends an assessment of current policies and practices be undertaken to ensure they meet the needs of your workforce and business during this transition back to work, along with the creation of new policies. In particular, development of a protocol to address COVID-19 with CDC an individual state and government compliance rules.

Please click the link for Operation Open Doors regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Operation Open DoorsGuidance Checklist for retailers on reopening stores

Another Best Practice after opening is to monitor for compliance with current regulations that are put in place regarding Covid-19. Jancyn has designed a compliance informational survey for your industry that you do not want to be without. There is no contract and stop whenever you chose.

This survey will address unbiased feedback for the most common requirements for social distancing, cleanliness and visual checks such as signage and if hand sanitizer is available. Comments are mentioned not only on employees and environment, but on customer behavior observed.

The evaluation will provide feedback for quick, corrective action as well as allow you to send kudos for jobs well done.

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The retail landscape is a broad one, covering a wide range of categories luxury goods retailers, department stores, gas/convenience stores and grocery stores, just to name a few. No matter how different they seem, all have one thing in common: understanding customers is the key to success. With Jancyn’s experience in all these categories, plus our expertise with the in-home sales presentation channel, we can help you uncover vital information about how your customers are being serviced. We offer the Jancyn Smartshop – mystery shopping conducted and delivered by shoppers via their smartphone. You get pictures along with the survey, speedy delivery, and GPS validation of shopper location, dates and times. Contact us for more details. For every type of retail business, it’s far more expensive to attract new customers than it is to keep the ones you already have. More importantly, your current customers are your most profitable ones. They are the ones most likely to buy from you again and again and they typically do so at full retail value.

Understanding the Motivation

Jancyn mystery shoppers not only evaluate how your customers perceive your company and brand, they work to understand what motivates your customers to buy. Buying habits can be affected by many variables from location, to your offer, to how customers are treated. Demographic and psychographic information are also critical factors in understanding purchasing choices. With Jancyn as your partner, we work with you to uncover what’s driving your customers’ buying decisions. Our reports will provide the information you need to capitalize on those decisions to increase sales and overall profitability. When you partner with us, you’ll learn about your competitive selling environment in addition to learning more about your customers and their buying habits. When you fully understand both of these forces, you’re on your way to creating real success. In addition, our surveys will uncover your successful advertising and marketing promotions. Once you know what’s working effectively, you’ll be able to generate the best ROIs on your marketing budget.

Understanding Your Competition

Jancyn provides mystery shopping so that you can give you a clear picture of how you compare to your competitors. The decision to buy is typically not based on price alone. We can help you determine how you fare in terms of service, location, and aesthetics, in addition to perceived value. Jancyn has worked with numerous manufacturers and distributors to see how their brands are being represented and showcased in the retail stores that carry them. Many of our clients turn to us before entering a new market to determine how to position themselves for best results. You’ll find the Jancyn’s mystery shopping surveys are the ideal way to determine why you’ve lost customers. The feedback and data you receive can be used to make the necessary improvements to win back customers and avoid future losses. Contact us today to find out how we can help you increase your top-line revenues and overall profitability by creating delighted customers who love your products.

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