Making Sense of It

All of the data in the world is useless without meaningful interpretation.  You and your team have access to analyze results and compare trends in one user friendly place giving you the information you need to manage your brand and drive improvement with confidence.

Our online reporting software offers simplicity, flexibility and a comprehensive range of features that all add up to one of the industry’s most sophisticated and powerful web-based reporting systems.


Our technology offers feature-rich operation at every stage, from survey creation to statistical reporting capabilities.

  • Views are real-time ways to view, sort, categorize, and summarize your data.
  • Views can be customized to show virtually any piece of data from your mystery shopping form or your corporate hierarchy.
  • Your landing page includes a scrolling snapshot showing the current status of all your initiatives and at-a-glance graphs.
  • You can customize your viewing options by selecting, filtering/editing, and dragging the widgets as desired. Any changes are automatically saved and will appear in the same layout at your next login.
  • To view specific shops, simply click the menu to open and select the shop you want to see. From there you can either use the Advanced Filter or drill down to the individual shop of interest.

So Easy!

Within the individual shop summary, you can use links to generate and view as a PDF. You can also email the shop to others with your comments attached. Each user is able to customize the site to his or her specific needs by clicking “Save View” within any trend report/graph and can later return to that Custom View. Your site also includes summary reporting. These can be set to generate and send to authorized recipients automatically and are also available on demand at any time. Our IT team is available to create custom reports and our services include training and support at your request.