Experience Trust Impact – Jancyn


What makes Jancyn unique in our ability to serve you?  Since 1980 Jancyn has offered best practices in mystery shopping for customer satisfaction and employee performance feedback programs. Our commitment to excellence is unparalleled and our survey results are powerful in their ability to improve your business. Insight from the outside. That has been our foundation and it’s created a tradition of providing real value in every program we offer. Our understanding of your survey feedback requirements comes from over 40 years of program development, cutting edge technical techniques and tools, and real insight into your business goals. With our partnered approach, you success is our success. We view you as a partner, not a client, and embrace your vision.

We focus our expertise in industries where service is a key differentiator. A happy customer is a profitable customer. The Jancyn professionals have extensive experience in these markets…experience you can leverage for real results.


You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what our partners have to say:

  • “Our waitstaff effectiveness and service has improved year after year across our company, thank you Jancyn!”
  • “Even in a tough economy, we’ve been able to maintain our customer loyalty by understanding and training our staff on key improvements in serving our customers.”
  • “I really appreciated the impact you had on designing a shopping form and program that made sense for us. You took the time to understand our values and culture and how we do business. We’re measuring what we value and we’ve been able to focus our training program and investments to get a much better improvement than we’ve been able to realize in the past.”


When we say “your success is our success,” we really mean it:

  • By implementing a program that tracks whether our branches reliably stay open from start to finish, we have added $1M or more to our revenue.
  • We were proud of our customer service but knew we had a problem with customer loyalty. Your mystery shop program helped us understand where we were losing customers (point of purchase) and with focused training and process improvement, we’ve improved our year-after-year scores and our customer loyalty scores have improved by 27%.
  • Our Leasing Agent turnover has dropped by almost 40%. We’ve sharpened our hiring profile and know where we need to focus our onboarding efforts to make our new hires successful. Our mystery shopping program gives us timely feedback on where and when to provide coaching.