Add Covid-19 Compliance Questions to your survey

At Jancyn we see you as a partner, not simply a client and we are not simply a vendor. Your customers are anxious with health and safety concerns. Your hard working employees are required to be flexible, adapt to new responsibilities and cope with challenging situations. All at the same time as we work to adhere to the CDC and local compliance regulations.

While your mystery shop or other customer satisfaction program may have been on hold, or if you are new to our services, it is crucial to not lose sight of your brand values. You must continue to strive to understand what your customers are feeling and experiencing.

One way Jancyn can meet your new needs is to be your outsourced eyes and ears to monitor for compliance with regulations that are put in place regarding Covid-19.

Your mystery shop survey can address unbiased feedback for the most common requirements for social distancing, cleanliness and safety checks. Adding compliance questions to your evaluation will provide feedback for quick, corrective action as well as allow you to send kudos to employees for jobs well done.



The Jancyn Alcohol Sales Compliance Evaluation

Does your restaurant, convenience or grocery store sell alcohol?  It can now be even more difficult to determine age with a mask on.

We offer compliance checks to ensure your team is consistently checking identification with alcohol purchases – either as part of your regular shop program or as a separate focused program.

Simply fill in the Contact Form on this page and we will get back to you.

For more information, take a look at our white paper on “How Mystery Shopping Programs Improve Compliance with Underage Drinking Laws“.