Comment Cards – Jancyn

Mystery Shops aren’t the only way to obtain high-quality feedback – our Digital Comment Cards can give you potentially unlimited data direct from your actual customers.  Using smartphones (or any internet-enabled mobile device) customers can provide you immediate, real-time feedback while on-site!

Comment Card surveys are conducted on smartphones and accessed by scanning a QR code displayed on walls, counters, postcards, posters, signs, window decals, shopping bags, boxes, product packaging, etc.  Your customers simply scan the QR code with their own smartphone while they are inside the business and complete a brief survey.

They can even add a photo! These are real time comments from actual customers and based on questions you want and need answered.  What’s more, these real customers can opt into your marketing list where they can sign up for coupons or other email marketing programs you offer. The surveys are specifically formatted for mobile browsers and each survey is branded with logos and colors for your business.

Best of all, they are inexpensive. Imagine: getting an always-open customer feedback channel AND a marketing campaign, both for less than the cost of a single direct mail coupon.  And if you are using comment cards in conjunction with a Mystery Shopping program, you can trend questions across channels and see both how your customers and professional evaluators feel about the same metrics.

Benefits Include:

  • Incredibly Low-cost
  • Instant On-Site Feedback
  • Repeat Business/Returning Customers
  • Integrated Reporting
  • Demographic Data Collection
  • Ability to Update Forms Instantly
  • Potentially Unlimited Cards per Location
  • Brand Visibility (your business appears on users smartphones)

Internal Audits and Evaluations

Equip your team to perform internal audits and evaluations from the field (using a laptop, a smartphone or any mobile device) and feed the data instantly into our reporting system for immediate review.  Whether you need your team in the field running Compliance Audits on their stores, deployed in restaurants taking Speed of Service measurements or Service Excellence observations, or anything else – now they can capture the data directly into their handheld technology and either complete the evaluation on-site, or save their work for review and completion back at the office.

And as with all other data channels on our platform (Mystery Shopping, Comment Cards, Surveys, etc.) your team can trend questions across them all, adding yet another level of analysis for your business.

Benefits Include:

  • Real-time, on-site data collection.
  • Submit from the field or Save Work for completion later
  • Integrated directly into Reporting Dashboard.
  • Extremely Low-cost per form
  • Password-protected User Access
  • Build/Modify Custom Forms fast
  • Use smartphones, tablets or PCs
  • Immediate Report Submission

Competitive Price Audits

Our Price Audit System is engineered by, and for, large corporate clients to deliver data the way they demand it.   The single greatest difference: our system ties all data at the product level in a real-time, filtered, historical database.   Everything you want, all in one place, automatically compiled and available on demand – all the time.
Better yet, we give you, the client, control over it all – manage and maintain your images, SKUs and everything else.

Benefits Include:

  • Real-time data (see it, and take action, as it arrives)
  • One-click access to searchable, historical product database
  • Automatic report compilation
  • Client control over products and campaigns
  • Set upper and lower price tolerances
  • Require price tag/bar code capture for control
  • Anonymous: Conceal your brand from shoppers and competitors
  • No need for pivot-tables or custom roll up reports
  • Faster, better and more accessible data