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Financial Services and Bank Mystery Shops

Optimal Outcomes: Creating Win/Win Relationships with Customers

A Pegasystems brief titled: Optimal Outcomes: Creating Win/Win Relationships with Customers, reports that customers who believe their bank is effective at helping them act to stay on track with their financial goals are 1.5 times more loyal than those that do not believe their bank is effective. Is your bank focusing on improving customer-facing processes?

Customers continue to frequent their local bank branches. Bank mergers are commonplace and more financial services consumers turn to online solutions every day. Understanding your customers, their expectations and product interests is as important as ever. Jancyn is here to help you uncover the information you need to know in order to increase customer satisfaction and gain “wallet share.” In every industry, it’s more profitable to serve existing customers than to acquire new ones. The financial services sector is no different. However, due to regulations, compliance requirements and complexity of product offerings, employee interaction with your customers is a crucial component. Jancyn surveys and mystery shopping services can help you determine how your staff measures up, including branch testing to ensure procedures and standardized processes are being followed. We offer both phone and in-person visits focusing on hospitality, customer interactions, associate knowledge and cross-selling efforts. Jancyn mystery shoppers evaluate the branch appearance for overall attractiveness as well as determining how well it adheres to corporate core standards. Our phone interviews assess your financial institutions voice mail procedures and the effectiveness of the getting the desired information quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to find out how we can help you ensure your financial institution is adhering to policy, meeting customer expectations and taking advantage of every opportunity to cross sell to increase wallet share.