About Us – Jancyn


What makes Jancyn unique in our ability to serve you? Since 1980, Jancyn has provided best practices in mystery shopping for customer satisfaction and employee performance feedback programs.  We work with you to embrace business awareness, discovery, association and interaction at every transaction and touch point.  We help you close the ‘blind spots’ between the customer experience brand promise and what the customer actually experiences.

Insight from the outside. That has been our foundation, and it’s created a tradition of providing real value in every program we offer.  Our understanding of your mystery shop requirements are honed by years of program development, cutting edge technical techniques and tools and real insight into your business goals.

Your customer is the lifeblood of your company. We focus our expertise in industries where service is a key differentiator. The Jancyn professionals have extensive experience in these markets to help you leverage feedback for real results.