Jancyn, a leader in the mystery shopping and performance evaluation industry,

announces flexible scheduling options designed to cater to the availability of their shoppers


Mystery Shoppers


Jancyn (Jancyn.com) a mystery shopping and performance evaluation company based in San Jose CA, announces enhanced capabilities to engage shoppers who want to perform mystery shopping assignments only during specific time frames such as the summer months. This enhancement is particularly appealing to teachers, college students, and other individuals who may only have availability during the summer months. The program allows shoppers to opt in or opt out during those times that fit their schedule. The shopper is not required to re-apply or re-register with Jancyn during those times they are available to complete mystery shopping assignments.

The enhanced scheduling options applies not just to summer months, but anytime a shopper would like to be available for mystery shopping assignments. For instance, when travelling, taking a break from work, or wintering in warmer climates.

Per Vicki Dempsey, Vice President at Jancyn, “We find that this flexibility is helpful to shoppers who are not available during the entire calendar year. We intentionally made the opt in and opt out process as streamlined as possible, so that there is no additional burden on the shoppers.”

Jancyn is a member of the Mystery Shop Providers Association of North America (MSPA-NA), which was founded in 1998. The affiliation that Jancyn has with MSPA-NA.com ensures complete adherence to industry guidelines. Additionally, shoppers have the reassurance that Jancyn is a legitimate, reliable mystery shopping company that values and respects their shoppers.

Ms. Dempsey goes on to say, “Being a leader in the mystery shopping industry means we understand being supportive of shoppers, who as independent subcontractors pick and choose assignments that fit into their schedules. We consider our business partners to be both our clients and shoppers. Creating a happy mystery shopper database means our clients receive the best possible reporting. And in turn, our ‘Insight from the Outside’ is feedback Jancyn clients rely on to keep their customer base happy. ”

Beyond their signature mystery shopping programs, Jancyn provides a variety of research and feedback services both in the United States and globally. Industries served include Property Management, Department and Specialty Retail Stores, Restaurants, Car Dealerships, Financial Institutions, In home Services, and many more. Shoppers can take as many or as few assignments as they like. Furthermore, there is never a fee to apply as a Jancyn shopper.