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Satisfaction Means Profitability

No matter what industry you serve, one fact remains the same: It's less expensive to keep your existing customers than it is to find new ones. What do your customers really think of your business? How loyal are they? Are they getting the service you envision? And how motivated are your employees to do their best? Partnering with the Jancyn Mystery Shopping Company, means you don't have to guess. We specialize in customer satisfaction feedback research and performance evaluation programs that provide those answers, allowing you to make informed decisions. Very simply, satisfied customers are profitable customers.

At Jancyn, our mission is to provide you with the qualitative and quantitative data you need, using employee performance measurement tools to drive improvement for your business. Our "insight from the outside" is a valuable resource with the power to eliminate 'blind spots' in customer satisfaction and loyalty. You can't fix what you don't know. Knowledge is power.

The most successful businesses understand that a positive experience is defined by the customer. It is not a matter of what you put into your product or service it's what your customer gets out of it. The professionals at the Jancyn Mystery Shopping Company work with you to capture that critical information, allowing you to leverage it and take your business to the next level.

Message of the week

Save the date November 19th-20th 2014.

The IMSC Announces the Las Vegas BIG 5 Mystery Shopping conference!

The conference will be a great time to network with other shoppers and learn about the industry not to mention being in fabulous Las Vegas!

Follow the link below to learn more about The IMSC Las Vegas BIG 5

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