How Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Attract Business in an e-Commerce World

Referral Locations

Commentary By Mark Boeder, Director of Marketing Strategy, North American Bancard August 6, 2018   Almost every day we read about another major retailer closing its physical locations. Wellknown brands like Sports Authority and Payless have liquidated and filed for bankruptcy, respectively. A little over a year ago, Ralph Lauren announced it was closing its […]

Ask The Secret Shopper: Technology vs. Customer Service


  Technology has revolutionized the way many companies and entire industries do business; including property management. In some rental offices, everything from leasing to rent collections, purchasing and maintenance requests, etc., are being logged, inputted, tracked or entered into a variety of computer programs and databases. All of these processes are designed to improve accuracy, […]

How to Become a Mystery Shopper


What is Mystery Shopping? By Cathy Stucker – The Mystery Shoppers Manual Mystery shoppers evaluate customer service, cleanliness and quality at all kinds of businesses. The mystery shopper reports are used by businesses to recognize star performers, determine training needs, monitor whether procedures are being followed, identify missed sales opportunities and even, in some cases, […]

You’re A What?? A Mystery Shopper!


When Pam walks the aisles of a retail chain, she isn’t always looking to buy somethingbut the salespeople think she is. Pam (her full identity needs to stay secret) is a mystery shopper. She is paid to scan the shelves as a cover for her real purpose: scoping out the business. Lots of places bring […]